Who are we?

Initiated by documentary producer and director Martin Meissonnier, the interactive web platform Happiness at School brings together international education experts to share stories from the world’s classrooms.

Co-funded by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, Canal Plus and the Philippe Decarpentries Foundation, Happiness at School relies on a network of co-producers and partners to permit the collection of footage from around the world.


How does it work?

Happiness at School is an interactive web platform designed to identify and document innovative educational initiatives.

Addressed to all players in the educational world, including teachers and students and parents, the platform aims to nourish teaching practice with real stories. It also brings together a community of members in an online space dedicated to discussion of these stories and the creation of new ideas.

At its core, Happiness at School is based on an observation: in this troubled time where digital technology plays an ever-increasing role, teaching practice itself seems to be at risk of being chronically undermined.

Happiness at School responds to this situation by creating a web platform that will promote the emergence of a collective intelligence – enlarged in each case beyond national frameworks for learning and enriched by encounters with others.

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