Global Children Designathon
Laurence Bertea-Granet

During this event, 1,200 children from all over the world, from Montreal to Hanoi and from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, are working in parallel on creative solutions for various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to food and climate. The children work in teams, using the Design Thinking method. During the hackathon, they first approach the topic of "Food and Climate" with the help of an interactive presentation and a worksheet with questions to stimulate creativity. The resulting ideas are then sketched out and developed. In the next step, these designs are brought to life through the use of mini-motors, micro-bits, LED lights, sensors and recycled materials, converted into a prototype.

With this unique teaching method, children develop skills such as creative and critical thinking, communication, collaboration and digital literacy. This helps children in an ever-changing and increasingly complex future. A future they learn to shape through this education.

Training children in 21st century skills through social science and codesign.
Target age group
8-12 yo
About you
Eutopique is an association under the French law of 1901, whose objective is to transform the ways of learning and to equip children to act collectively and with confidence on their environment and their society. To do this, we run workshops in the classroom or in the territories on the Sustainable Development Goals (gender equality, global warming) Our website :
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