Louis Germain Institute, excellence for all

Over a school year, the Institut Louis Germain Institute organizes six campuses for deepening fundamental knowledge, which are held during each vacation period. In total, 20 days of classes take place over a year.

The students of the tutoring of excellence follow 120 hours of additional teaching compared to what is provided for in the school programs.

The courses are divided between the Humanities module (French, General Culture, History) and the Science module (Mathematics, Physics). Over a school year, for a 3rd year student, the campuses represent the equivalent of nearly three months of additional lessons in French and Mathematics.

In order to optimize teaching conditions, the number of students per class is limited to 15. To promote mixing and create links, classes are made up of middle school students from different schools, sometimes even from different cities.


Great works of the mind, whether literary, scientific or artistic, are a common heritage that the Institut Louis Germain strives to pass on to all its students. We thus place at the heart of our action the trade with the great texts and the great authors. The Institut Louis Germain thus offers each student, on each campus, a classic of literature which aims to give or reinforce a taste for reading.


Aiming for excellence for its students, the Institut Louis Germain has built up a pool of seasoned teachers, all of whom have indisputable professional experience: teachers in preparatory classes and in Grandes Ecoles.


''To give everyone the chance they deserve'' is the motto of the Institut Louis Germain. Tutoring is thus aimed at all students who express the desire to go as far as possible in their studies and to deepen their knowledge. This desire is manifested in particular by the signing of the Charter of the Institut Louis Germain.


Placing itself under the aegis of the teacher whom some want to bring into the Pantheon, the Institut Louis Germain hopes that one day one of its students will be able to take up Albert Camus's phrase "Without you, without that loving hand that you extended to the little poor child that I was, without your teaching, and your example, none of this would have happened''.

As part of academic tutoring of excellence, the Institut Louis Germain accompanies deserving students, who show a strong thirst for learning and a high academic ambition but who do not have the chance to evolve in an environment that allows them to fully exploit their great potential.
Target age group
Middle and High school students
About you
The Institut Louis Germain is an association created in October 2014 by eleven founding members from the world of education and the private sector.
Additional info
Our website : https://www.institutlouisgermain.org/


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