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Learning compassion
Published on July 4, 2021
How can we teach generosity and empathy?
In Riverside, students are encouraged to participate in initiatives outside the walls of the school. They organize weekly activities in a retirement home, and take responsibility for the relationships that they begin there. The objective: to encourage mixing among generations and promote the involvement of children in the wider community.
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Life skills and well-being in education
By Savoir-être à l'école
Since its foundation at the end of 2014, our association has been providing training courses focused on self-knowledge through the understanding of brain mechanisms. We propose to raise awareness, train and accompany educational actors on the themes of motivation and self-confidence, but also stress and aggression management. The training courses are mainly aimed at all adults in charge of educational responsibilities: teachers, educators, after-school care workers, parents, and other professionals or associations. A specific programme allows to work on emotions with young children. The sessions last 2 to 3 days. They can take place as part of a one-off training session, or as part of a support programme over several months. Since 2016, more than 6,300 people (3,300 adults and 3,000 children) have benefited from our awareness-raising and training sessions and workshops, corresponding to 490 days of animation. The development of our actions with our partners and 3 academies since 2017 confirms that our action is useful and meets the needs of education stakeholders. Since 2020, the health crisis has led us to accelerate the implementation of a distance learning offer, as well as a hybrid course ("blended learning") now accessible to all teachers and educators. Until now, we have been working mainly in the Ile-de-France region, but we are gradually extending our activities to the whole of France, with new institutional and associative partners involved in the educational field.