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How to make a qualitative video with a smartphone ?
Published on December 5, 2022
Tutorial 1 - To tell a story
Today, making videos is within everyone's reach. Everyone has a smartphone. Do you know that you can do a lot with this little tool?
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Life skills and well-being in education
By Savoir-être à l'école
Since its foundation at the end of 2014, our association has been providing training courses focused on self-knowledge through the understanding of brain mechanisms. We propose to raise awareness, train and accompany educational actors on the themes of motivation and self-confidence, but also stress and aggression management. The training courses are mainly aimed at all adults in charge of educational responsibilities: teachers, educators, after-school care workers, parents, and other professionals or associations. A specific programme allows to work on emotions with young children. The sessions last 2 to 3 days. They can take place as part of a one-off training session, or as part of a support programme over several months. Since 2016, more than 6,300 people (3,300 adults and 3,000 children) have benefited from our awareness-raising and training sessions and workshops, corresponding to 490 days of animation. The development of our actions with our partners and 3 academies since 2017 confirms that our action is useful and meets the needs of education stakeholders. Since 2020, the health crisis has led us to accelerate the implementation of a distance learning offer, as well as a hybrid course ("blended learning") now accessible to all teachers and educators. Until now, we have been working mainly in the Ile-de-France region, but we are gradually extending our activities to the whole of France, with new institutional and associative partners involved in the educational field.